Friday, July 3, 2009

Education Impacts Quality

Excellent flavor in the cup results from maintaining numerous quality determinants throughout the coffee supply chain. Quality begins prior to planting with a farmers' choice of variety and ends in the cup at the hand of a talented barista. At both points and at all points in between there's at least one thing in common. People impact quality. Furthermore, to a great extent, a person's level of knowledge determines their ability to either preserve or degrade coffee flavor at their position in the supply chain. And of course, knowledge is directly linked to education.

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  1. Good thought, Craftsman. So, by extension, the long-term quality of coffee in any particular supply chain will be determined by education. In this case one important kind of education is communication. So the roaster would want feedback from the barista, and the growers, processors, and transporters would want communication from both the roaster and the barista.